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Frequently Asked Questions About Jacksonville Deck Building

Are composite wood decks better than natural wood?


We always keep it real with the advantages of different materials. There are some significant benefits with composite wood for homeowners who don't want to keep up with a natural wood deck.


While many homeowners say they prefer wood, they most likely will love composite wood decks better because it never rots or warps. You don't have to worry about insects burrowing into your cedarwood, and it's rated longer than your typical Southern pinewood or cedar wood deck.


For these reasons, we think composite wood makes more sense for homeowners, but there are ways to treat and build decks to avoid high maintenance costs and problems with insects. For example, pressure-treated wood provides a barrier against most of these issues.


What type of deck material should you choose for your addition?

There are a number of factors that go into picking the right deck material, including:

  • The look of the deck you want

  • Your budget

  • The best material for your backyard, landscaping, and climate

  • Your plans for usage and durability


We can help you with specific answers to all of your questions, just contact our friendly customer service team to learn more.


What deck size is best for your house?

There are all kinds of ways to build a deck and size it appropriately for your backyard, as well as what you plan to use it for. For example, decks should be the same size or a little larger than an interior room built for the same function. If you plan to create an outdoor dining space, then you'll want a deck size equal to that.


If you want a deck for outdoor gatherings, then you'll likely need a larger area of your backyard dedicated to these builds. For one, patio furniture is typically quite large, much bigger than indoor furniture. You want to also make sure that you have enough space for traffic flow and circulation.


I don't want a high-maintenance deck. What's the best option?

Many customers look for a "no-maintenance," however there will always be some maintenance involved, such as cleaning or spraying off dirt even from a composite deck. In addition, composite decks do stain and scratch, requiring touch-ups and re-staining.


Wood decks require more maintenance, especially if you don't get a pressure-treated deck. You'll need to stain and re-stain the wood, as well as clean the wood frequently and possibly spray with insecticide if you notice issues with pests.


In addition, wood decks typically require sand and staining every year to maintain that high-quality, pristine wood look.


Do you provide a warranty and what will it cover?

Most wood deck manufacturers do provide a limited warranty. We can help you look over the best materials and warranties since many of these are particular to the resources you choose.

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