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Deck Builders in Jacksonville FL

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Jacksonville FL Deck Builders

Jacksonville Deck Builders are the best choice for local deck construction services. We offer a variety of products and services, including new or replacement decks in addition to poolside installations for your pool deck - we can even design your pergola! Our list includes many top-quality materials such as Trex®, Azek® composite wood boards (which provide protection against UV rays), Timbertech™ vinyl railings--and much more. Transform your outdoor living space today with our professional team!"


Jacksonville Deck Builders will upgrade your outdoor space so you can make the most of the beautiful weather and scenery. If you're looking into building a deck then Jacksonville Deck Builders is the most reliable deck contracting company when it comes to reliability and safety. Jacksonville Deck Builders is the most renowned company for building decks in Jacksonville, FL. Our low material and labor costs make us your preferred contractor when it comes time to build or install a new outdoor space with high-quality materials that won't break down on you later like so many others do!
We specialize not only as designers but also suppliers of cedar wood decking across Duval County - which means we have all sorts available: composite options such as Trex Boards (most popular) and Azek; for a more natural alternative

​We're the best in town when it comes to designing and constructing decks. With over a decade of experience, we can help you bring your vision for an outside living space into a reality with ease! We do all kinds of different things such as finding out what materials will work best or even giving examples from our past projects which showcase some really unique designs that would be perfect for any property owner's backyard needs (and budget)!

Our deck builders in the area are committed to providing you with quality workmanship and materials. Our composite decks will be both beautiful as well practical, while still being tough enough for all your needs! Our team specializes in building high-end pieces of outdoor living space that can withstand anything Mother Nature throws at us--including harsh winters or hot summers without losing their appeal. We make sure each project meets our demanding standards before moving on to another one so we're confident knowing there won't ever again need an upgrade down the road




Composite Decking Jacksonville Florida

Weatherproof Decking Material


High quality maintenance services

We're in the business of building decks and outdoor structures that our clients can enjoy for years to come. Our deck experts take pride in helping current property owners bring their decks to life, so we'll guide you through every step! We have extensive experience with composite material construction as well as wood products; whatever your budget - from cheap plastic alternatives all way up towards handcrafted furniture grade cedar decks-we've got it covered here at Jacksonville Deck Builders. Ready? Get some information about how easy it is today by Clicking Here 


Do you want a deck that feels like it's an extension of your outdoor living space and outdoor home? We're here to help with construction, installation, or renovating. As we design each project differently depending on what homeowners need most - whether they are entertaining guests by the poolside or sitting back enjoying the summer sun

There are so many factors that our deck installation contractor considers when creating a deck, including your personality,  individual aesthetic preferences, decking materials available, the structure of your home, and your budget. We always strive to create a deck that exceeds your expectations. Once we build a deck for you, it will be easy to maintain, and you can use it all year round. our deck design team will ensure that your new deck will last for a lifetime!


Pool Deck Jacksonville


Deck Builders near me Jacksonville

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Deck Railing Jacksonville


top rated decking company Jacksonville FL

5/5 star customer rating

Building a deck in Jacksonville


Jacksonville Low Deck

5/5 star customer rating

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Jacksonville Wood Deck

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Top Rated Service

Jacksonville Deck Builders has been providing professional deck building services for more than a decade and only construct with the best quality materials. It’s essential you can trust the company you choose to build your deck, which is why our top-rated deck construction is the ideal choice.

Excellent Reviews

Nothing is more critical when it comes time to choose a deck contractor than knowing their clients trust them. Don't believe us? Check us out on all our platforms. Our deck-building clients have great things to say about us! We take pride in our craftsmanship and professionalism, which is why our clients have such excellent things to say about our services.


Building a deck takes experience, dedication, and teamwork to ensure the best results. Proper construction isn’t a one-person job. Our deck contractors and designers work together to ensure our clients reap the benefits of our top-quality teamwork. Our deck building crews have over 100 years of experience.

Built With Care

Jacksonville Deck Builders focus on customer service from beginning to end. We never sacrifice quality when it comes to our deck-building construction projects. We care about our clients and want to make sure you end up with a deck you can be proud of.

Safety First

Any type of construction needs to be tackled in the safest way possible, and building a deck is no exception. Jacksonville Deck Builders understand the importance of safety, both for our deck contractors and you, our client. 

Licensed & Insured

No matter how much experience a deck construction company has if they aren’t properly licensed and insured, they aren’t the right choice for you. At times, any type of construction can be dangerous and poses risks, which is why proper insurance and licensing are so critical. 


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Trex Deck

We have a team of passionate technicians ready to provide the stellar composite deck building service you deserve. When you choose our build a deck service, you are guaranteed the utmost professionalism. We bring our expertise and skills to ensure that the composite backyard deck project results are magnificent. If you need the best composite deck contractors near you, Jacksonville Deck Builders should be your first choice!


From the beginning design stages to the moment the final product is complete, we bring our best craftsmanship so that you get value for your money with our composite deck installation. Our technicians are certified and insured, and our work is always licensed and insured. Every year, our technicians are updated on their certifications, so we assure our company is the optimal and trusted choice. Through continued education, we are the best deck builders and composite deck installation in the Jacksonville area.

We use proper techniques and safety measures to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible. What’s more, our Trex decks are constructed to ensure you can enjoy them without ever worrying about any safety concerns. From using high-quality materials to ensuring our contractors and builders are qualified and never skipping corners, our company always puts safety first.


Pool Deck

Summer is the perfect time to swim under the sun, and what better way to enjoy the summer heat than basking in it on your new above ground oval pool deck. If you live in Jacksonville, the weather is one of the most significant benefits, so you should make the most of it. Many Jacksonville homes have pools, but you can take yours to the next level with a brand new, professionally constructed above ground pool deck. 


We are here to create the perfect deck that matches your needs. Whether you are a nature lover or you love open spaces, we will help you fulfill all of your deck dreams. When it comes to building a deck, or pool deck resurfacing, you want the end result to match your vision. Jacksonville Deck Builders take our client’s vision and make sure that the deck we construct satisfies all of their criteria. If we need to source a high-quality concrete material we contact our partners at Jacksonville Concrete Pavers for all concrete patios and other concrete services. 


Once you decide the design and features you need for your pool deck, we will help you choose the materials you use, from hardwood to composite deck options. The best material needs to withstand the wear and tear that comes with the heavy traffic around your pool area, as well as the ability to withstand various weather conditions. When creating the deck, we consider affordability, safety, ease of maintenance, durability, and your personal preferences to ensure your deck checks all the right boxes.

You can rest assured that our deck building contractors are licensed and insured by the state of Florida. We take caution when it comes to protecting not only our brand but our customers as well.


We are the above ground pool deck builders near you, let us help you! Click here to read more about our pool deck services.

Build a Deck In Jacksonville FL

If you're looking to build a deck in Jacksonville, FL then Jacksonville Deck Builders is your top-rated deck installation company near you. We have an impressive clientele portfolio for whom we have all constructed decks. These decks include outdoor decking projects like backyard decks, affordable decks, composite decks, Azek, ipe, Trex, cedar wood, and more. We are the best deck builders in Jacksonville FL and are capable of taking on any decking project big or small. 

Jacksonville Deck Builders is your go to choice if you're looking to build a deck. We have been rated the best deck contractor year after year. If you're looking for a deck builder near me then contact us today and we will come to your location and provide a free decking quote for you.

Click here for our decking quote form or call +1 904-944-9253


Jacksonville FL Deck Designer

We at Jacksonville Deck Builders have dedicated countless hours to our craft and have personally redeveloped the deck design industry. We have some of the best deck designers and deck design contractors in the entire state. No longer does your deck have to be some ordinary but instead it can be extraordinary with Jacksonville Deck Builders.

Let us design your boring wood deck into a magnificent construct for you to show off to your friends and family. We are capable of designing a deck for anyone, regardless of budget or size, we will ensure that your new deck will look sublime with our quality deck designers. 

If you're looking for a wood or composite design we are able to work around your tastes, call us today if you want to get rid of your old deck and want our Jacksonville Deck Designer team to build you a new deck!

Who Are We?


Why Choose Us?


Decades of Experience


Experience makes all the difference when it comes to choosing a deck contractor and deck construction company that can bring your vision to life. Without the appropriate knowledge and expertise, deck construction can go wrong very quickly! Fortunately, Jacksonville Deck Builders have been in the industry for more than a decade now. We have witnessed the rise of new deck designs and new construction materials, as well as the perfecting of our skills and expertise. Combined, our technicians have more than 100 years of experience.

Hundreds of Repeat Customers


In any industry, one of the most genuine signs of quality and success is whether or not your clients come back. We have hundreds of repeat customers who have trusted us to install their decks. We have installed decks on every part of our customers’ homes and business premises there is nowhere we can’t install a deck! 

Our years of expertise and knowledge mean that our deck contractors and deck designers can come up with a plan to build on almost any house or building. Thanks to the excellent quality of our workmanship, our customers keep coming back to us whenever they have a new project idea.

Proud partners of Chicago-land Deck Builders, Milwaukee, Naperville, Jacksonville Epoxy Flooring, and Concrete pavers of Jacksonville, Coastal Patio Pavers

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Our Deck Building Promise


Experience makes a world of difference when it comes to creating a reliable, beautiful, well-constructed deck that withstands the test of time. Jacksonville Deck Builders believe that the materials used in all of our projects, whether new or existing, really do matter. We only work with reputable decking material brands such as Trex, Azek, Timbertech, and more. Providing only the most reliable decking supplies and services, we guarantee our clients quality solutions. What’s more, our service professionals have over 100 years of combined experience, meaning there’s no better company out there to trust with your deck construction.

Punctual Delivery

Jacksonville Deck Builder contractors are an unparalleled contractor company that knows about all things decking. Everything from our design team to the quality of our materials is top of the line. We do not cut any corners when it comes to creating quality deck projects. Not only will your project be constructed safely and using the highest quality materials and techniques, but we also ensure we complete all work on time. We know you can’t wait to enjoy your new deck!

Quality Material

Jacksonville Deck Builders believe that the materials used in all of our projects, whether new or existing, matter just as much as the techniques we use. We only work with reputable decking material brands such as Trex, Azek, Timbertech, and more. Florida can have unpredictable weather, from hot, humid summers to hurricane season, and your deck needs to be able to withstand wear and tear. Providing only the most reliable decking supplies and services, we guarantee our clients quality solutions. Not sure what type of material is the best choice for your deck? Don’t worry! The experts here at Jacksonville Deck Builders have plenty of experience and can guide you on what types of materials to opt for.

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