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Palm Valley Most Affordable Composite Deck Builders 

A deck in the Palm Valley, Florida area is more than just a deck, it's an outdoor living space for families and friends to gather and have a good time. The perfect wooden or composite deck in the warm Florida air creates the perfect relaxation space. A deck is a way to also improve the look and value of your home. A top-rated deck in the Jacksonville and Palm Valley Florida area will increase the value of your residential or vacation home, especially if you're looking to install a pool deck with one of our professional pool deck contractors. Call us today at (904) 944-9253.


A brand new custom deck with Jacksonville Deck Builders has been proven to reward the look, feel, and value of your home. Many homeowners often see a substantial return on their investment when they contract us to design and build their deck and outdoor living space. Nothing beats a high-quality, composite, or traditional wooden deck that is constructed to last for many years. 


However, it’s really about enjoying those beautiful Florida days outside. There’s no place better to do so than on a customized deck addition.

However, life is all about enjoying your time in beautiful Florida outdoors and the best place to do that is on one of our custom decks designed just for you and your family. 

Why Choose Our Service?


The Florida weather can be pretty unpredictable. That is why all of our decks are securely fastened and constructed when being built so you don't have to worry about any high winds or thunderstorms damaging our decks. They're built to last! All of our decks are also weather treated so when there is a week of torrential rainfall your deck will stay in pristine condition without any warping or rotting ever!


Our Jacksonville Deck Builders guarantee is that we will also satisfy our clients, and we use only the best materials to ensure the longevity and security of our custom composite and wooden decks. We are the deck building contractors in Duval County that homeowners rely on because our service is dedicated and detail-oriented, we always go above and beyond for our customers.


Furthermore, we build high-quality decks and build them well, all our testimonials speak for themselves. If you have a deck design idea or suggestions then please give us a call and talk to us, we are always happy to work with our clients to build them the deck of their dreams. 


Whether you are looking for a small deck addition or something grander that will take your backyard to the next level, we’re the best Palm Valley, FL deck builders to hire.

To book a free consultation with one of our expert deck designers click here 

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Deck Construction Experts in Palm Valley

We have the highest regard for our clients and take time to listen to your ideas and how you want your new backyard deck to look. Customer service is our top priority, after all, if you're not happy then we haven't done our job properly. We enjoy working with you to create the best version of your outdoor deck or pergola living space. 

Save Your Relaxation with Deck Maintenance


An ugly backyard is very unattractive to many people, the homeowner, neighbors, potential buys, if you're selling your home, and in general is not healthy for your living space. There are weeds, mold, unwanted bugs, and pests that will manifest in your yard if it is left unattended. With so much going on your deck is not able to be properly maintained and will likely be subdued to the natural elements. With our composite decks and decking maintenance, this eliminates the issues. Composite decks are synthetic wood material that is not susceptible to decay from natural elements while at the same time still looking as new as ever. Or on the other hand, if you have an old deck or rotting deck then it is either time for some maintenance or a replacement. Either way, we will come out to take a look at your Palm Valley Florida deck situation and what would be the best solution.


We offer a variety of services to maintain your deck, whether you’re looking for a deep clean and repair, mold and mildew removal, staining, or a new addition for a BBQ space we have all the skills required to turn your ordinary outdoor living space into an extraordinary living space!


How can we improve your deck today? We’ll provide you with a free estimate with a complete breakdown of top-notch materials to ensure that your deck is restored exactly the way you envisioned.


Customize Your Backyard with a Residential Deck Designer

Our residential deck designers are capable of building all kinds of decks to fit your needs. Whether you have a multi-story deck in mind, or a pool deck, or even a wrap-around deck, we are able to produce immaculate designs and products. If you're looking for a pool deck in Palm Valley, FL then check out our composite decking options, which are great for water, mold, and mildew resistance. 

We work with all our clients every step of the way to ensure they are receiving everything they desire. There's nothing worse than spending money on something you are not satisfied with because of miscommunication. We look at cost, maintenance, aesthetics, environment, location, and many more factors to make sure you will be pleased with your new deck for many years to come. We do all the planning and provide you with all the information you need to make the best-informed decision on which material and any additions you would like to satisfy your outdoor living situation.


The Beauty of a Backyard Deck and New Porch Construction


There is nothing quite like the smell of fresh-cut and treated wood aroma to fill your backyard! Relaxation starts with your personal space and nothing is more relaxing and providing of personal space than a brand new custom deck to enjoy the summer sun on. Many homeowners build decking additions to their homes specifically for a space to relax and hang out while enjoying family BBQ parties and other outdoor living entertainment. A deck is a worthy investment for your home improvements and personal improvements. With Covid-19 coming to a close and families are embracing each other once again there is nothing more important than family reunions. With a new custom Palm Valley deck, you are able to have a bountiful family party and picnic that will impress all!





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5/5 star customer rating



top rated decking company irvine ca.png

5/5 star customer rating



top rated decking company irvine ca.png

5/5 star customer rating



top rated decking company irvine ca.png

4.5/5 star customer rating

Our deck building service in Palm Valley Florida is the highest-rated and best in the state. Duval County has been serviced by our company for many years, producing quality decks, pergolas, and more for satisfied customers. We create gorgeous designs and develop decks, pergolas, pool decks, patios, and more.


Patio Decks

Patio decks are interchangeable with decks, but yet there are many differences between the two. A patio is typically an outdoor space on the ground constructed from stone or concrete, while a deck is made from wood or synthetic composite material and is above ground giving you a different point of view. 


Commercial Composite Deck

Commercial composite decks are an alternative to traditional wooden decks. There is low maintenance but yet has the same high-quality look. They provide a longer lifespan than wood decks because of their immunity to rot and warping. They simulate what traditional wood looks like but without any of the hassle or upkeep that comes with traditional woods. These decking materials are made from recycled wood fibers, plastic, and other materials making them very durable and able to last a lifetime against all the harsh Florida elements. 


Wood Decks

Wood decks are your traditional go-to material when choosing your new Palm Valley home deck. You can't go wrong with our high-quality woods, especially cedar, rosewood, maple, or oak. All of these are very durable and will last a long time if properly treated. All our decks are pressure treated and able to withstand a tremendous amount of weather thrown at them. If you're looking for a typical and traditional wooden deck then look no further than Jacksonville Deck Builders, we will take care of all your wooden deck needs in Duval County. 


Pressure Treated Deck

Decks are very expensive at times, so why not ensure that it lasts a long time too? Our decks are pressure treated so that they resist termites, decay, rot, warping, mildew, and various other issues that you would come across if your would is not properly treated. But, because we are professionals at Jacksonville Deck Builders we pressure treat our decks so that they require very little maintenance by you and also have a much longer lifespan. 


Cedar Deck 

Cedar decks are very beautiful and popular with Florida homes. The material is combined with light and dark stains that make for an incredible look that you will love in your outdoor living space or backyard. 


Wrap Around Decks


You’ve heard of a wrap-around porch, but when combined with a deck, your custom porch becomes much more durable and exudes a pleasing, natural aesthetic. This is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home.

Wrap-around porches and decks are a combination that of each that has become very popular because of the durability and natural aesthetic, not to mention it also raises the value of your home!


Multi-Level Decks

Decks often have many levels to them if you have an apartment complex or if you want something other than a typical single-story level deck. Being able to relax and have many levels on your deck is a great way to make space and increase the value of your home!


Floating Decks

Floating decks rest don't the ground and are known as freestanding decks, which are much easier to build than your typical attached or deck addition. You do not need a deck permit to construct these types of decks, which makes it easy to upgrade your outdoor space with new wood or composite decking area. 



Pergolas are great for creating shelter above your deck or patio outdoors. A freestanding or attached pergola offers many solutions to your outdoor space including shade from the blistering summer heat and sun. They also look and go very well with a deck and pool deck! Most pergolas in Palm Valley Florida are built from vinyl, aluminum, wood, or plastic. Synthetic lumber looks almost identical to most woods but doesn't suffer from the wear and tear of the harsh Florida elements. 


Pool Deck

Pool decks have become almost essential for backyard additions to your Florida home. If you have an aboveground or below ground pool we are able to transform your backyard space into a backyard paradise with a beautiful custom-built deck from Jacksonville Deck Builders. Our contractors have been building pool decks in the Palm Valley area for decades and have thousands of backyard pool deck projects under their belts. If you're looking to pull the trigger and upgrade your stand-alone pool to a pool deck then contact us today for a free estimate!


A second-story balcony is a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors from one of your top floors. We specialize in creating custom balconies and wrap-around balconies that are both durable and beautiful. We use either composite or traditional wood materials based on your preference. Either option works and will be the perfect balance to your Palm Valley Florida home as a way to relax and hang out outdoors in your personal space. 


Deck Restoration

Deck restoration is common with older and aging decks. Although our new custom decks are built to last a long time and withstand a lot of the elements in Florida, they are not invincible. This is why we use advanced techniques to preserve and clean your deck from discoloration, mildew, mold, and other nasty substances that have overrun your precious deck!



TimberTech is a type of composite decking material that we use because of its durability and gorgeous aesthetic. It is known to be realistic compared to traditional wood grains and very highly resilient to the outdoors. It performs just like all your common woods and is completely sustainable in the Florida climate. It is the preferred material by millions of homeowners for these many reasons and more. If you're interested in having TimberTech for your decking material then give us a call and we will provide you will all the information necessary for you to make a decision.


The other favored material we use and favored by clients is Trex Decking. This material is made from sustainable resources and creates a variety of wood grains and colors to choose from. It is also very budget-friendly for anyone not looking to spend an absorbent amount on a brand new deck! This material will never rot, warp, splinter, or grow mold. There is very little maintenance when it comes to Trex!

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