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trex composite decking

Trex Deck Builders In Jacksonville FL

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Advantages of Trex Deck Installation

What is Trex? A composite material that creates beautiful decks, Trex is a sturdy and maintenance-free alternative to natural wood. With many benefits like an authentic appearance without all of the necessary care; it's no wonder more people are switching!

Environmentally friendly Trex decking is a great choice for the environment. It’s made of 95% recyclable material, so you can feel confident that your decision to buy composite materials will have positive effects on our planet's future!

Whether you need a composite deck, a wooden deck, or you have a deck restoration or deck maintenance project, we are here for you. In all the years we have worked on decks, we have experienced all deck designs. This has given us an edge over other companies. Regardless of the design you choose, we have an expert to handle it.

Long-Lasting Durability The beauty of a Trex deck is that it lasts longer than traditional wood or composite material decks. You'll never have to worry about painting again! They're fade and stain resistant, mold/mildew resistant as well as termite resistant so your outdoor living space will stay looking its best for years without added maintenance work on behalf of you. But what sets these decks apart isn't only how durable they are - their natural stone finish makes them perfect not just aesthetically but also environmentally: by using recycled materials in our builds we’re able to reduce carbon emissions significantly while still delivering top quality results compared to other options available today

Low Maintenance All of the benefits of this material are an attractive alternative to traditional decks. They don't require expensive maintenance solutions, since soap and water clean them completely!

Budget-Friendly The benefits of using a Trex material are many. Not only do they have lower maintenance costs, but their durability means that you can save money in the long run by not having to replace pieces as often or pay for repairs on something more expensive than what was originally purchased!

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Jacksonville Deck Builder
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Trex Deck Builders Near Me


Jacksonville Deck Builders offers more Trex Deck decks than any other decking contractor in the area. Trex decks are made out of cellular PVC, which eliminates all the negative attributes associated with your typical decks. Jacksonville Deck Builders is your local and professional deck-building company. Contact us today for your Trex Deck estimate!


Never had a deck in your home before? We can help you install one. We will be with you from the design stage, choosing deck materials, setting the construction schedule, the construction, and the finishing. We take your ideas and expectations and bring them to reality. We can install the deck in your porch, pergola, pool, your backyard, or any other place. We are commercial and residential deck specialists. So whether you are a new homeowner, or a business management team trying to add some spice to your brick and mortar, Jacksonville Deck Builders can help bring your deck project vision into reality! Jacksonville Deck Builders has been providing residential decking services to the entire county for over a decade. We only source the highest quality wood and composite materials to complete any and all work we take part in. If you are uneasy about building a backyard deck or an outdoor kitchen we can set up a free in-person consultation to help find out what your options are. 

Backyard Decks and outdoor kitchens can be a great addition to any home because of the value they add and extended comfort for you and your guests. Whether or not you choose natural wood or composite material the added aesthetic appeal will make your home feel like it never has before. If you are thinking about adding any of these things to your home then Contact our expert design team to book a free in-person or video consultation and start building your vision today!

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